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Power Of Make-Up

From ancient Egyptian women who painted their faces to please the gods, to Roman women who beautified themselves to please each other, to the way we cultivate ourselves today, some women are aware of the power of wearing makeup, while others are not. Some women see it as a complete transformation and puts them in a higher seat of confidence, while others who wear it faithfully may see it as just a daily beauty routine. Whatever the media reflects, we are dizzy without it! Let's be honest, women who like to "paint their faces" even occasionally can have positive reasons and even negative reasons for wearing makeup.


One of the most unhealthy reasons to wear makeup is to improve your appearance. The media manages to instill distrust in young women by telling us to hide our freckles, moles, fill in our eyebrows, or lighten or darken our skin tone. Here is what we mean to say, dear one: You cannot heal what has already been perfected. Makeup should be a tool to enhance beauty, not to make you feel smug or “better”. Remember that the real idea of ​​wearing makeup is to make it look like you're not wearing makeup(make it look natural)!


Going out to work without makeup, even for a day, will give you a sense of freedom from societal standards and what other people say or think. You will feel like yourself, not like the other person you draw on your face every day.

Leaving your face bare occasionally will help you be more confident in your own natural beauty and feel more attractive without having to rely on those brushes and brow pencils. Also, if you have sensitive skin that can't handle makeup very well, it's best to delay it a bit to avoid irritation.

Apart from makeup, another beauty enhancing application is inner beauty. What are the positive aspects that affect your biggest character? What is your favorite part of people? Grow these features! Remember, makeup is temporary and we can always scrub it away, but inner beauty does not hold water.

Finally, let others see who you really are, especially your boyfriend who will eventually see you without him. Show him who you are at the beginning of the relationship. Free your face while relaxing inside. Even when you're on a date, let him see the real you.

You don't make yourself beautiful by wearing makeup; you get better.


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