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Matters to be Considered While Receiving Your Cargo

Matters to be Considered While Receiving Your Cargo

First of all, everyone knows that we are faced with a virus that has affected the whole world for the last 2 years and still continues with its new variants. With the corona virus, our lives have completely changed and the era of online shopping is now at its peak. We shop from various applications and websites, but we do not know what is going on until our cargo arrives. Let's talk a little bit about what we should pay attention to when receiving our cargo.
Your cargo usually does not arrive at your doorstep in a single loading. First, the product you want goes to the main centers of the cargo companies located in the city from which it will come out, then the cargoes are separated in this center, loaded on the necessary truck and set off. It changes hands again at the transfer center in the city it comes from, and eventually it is directed to the closest branch of the cargo company to your address and delivered to us from these branches. Remember, the journey of your cargo is a little long.
From the moment the product you bought is delivered to the cargo by the company, the responsibility is with the cargo company. If your cargo is from a domestic company, road cargo is generally used. It comes from overseas companies by air or sea cargo. As soon as it enters the country, it is delivered to you by land cargo. Especially if the product you want is a product that will break (glass, glass, chandelier, television, computer, laptop etc.), there are some things you must do when receiving your cargo.
- If you sign the delivery receipt without checking your incoming cargo, you will be accepting the statement "I received the product completely and undamaged" written on that receipt. Therefore, do not take delivery of the product without opening and checking it. If the cargo officer does not allow this, add the phrase "the product was received without checking" to the delivery receipt.
-As soon as your cargo arrives, immediately check its outer box or bag. If you see damage in the box or tear in the bag, state that you will not sign the receipt and receive the product without opening the box or bag and checking your product. In such a case, the courier will most likely allow you to open the box and check it. If you see any damage during the control, make sure to keep a "damage assessment report" with the cargo officer.
-Do not receive the damaged product, send it back. If the officer leaves without taking delivery, immediately call your cargo branch and explain the incident (say that the product is damaged and the officer left without taking a report). In such a case, the cargo branch officer will send another colleague, record a damage report and take the product back from you. If this does not happen; Contact the company you purchased the product from and they will contact the cargo company and try to solve the problem.
-Well, you got distracted or someone else at home took delivery of your cargo, didn't check it and signed the delivery report. What can you do in these situations? In such cases, things get a little more difficult. Because the delivery report is signed, the cargo company does not accept any responsibility. Neither you nor the company from which you purchased the product can claim a damage compensation. You can contact the cargo branch to keep the "damage report", but it is difficult to get results. The only thing that can be done here is to contact the company from which you bought the product and negotiate for the return or replacement of the product. In line with the company's working principles, they will decide for themselves whether to send new products or to return them.

We would like to briefly talk about what to do when your cargo arrives due to the corona virus epidemic.

You must maintain social distancing at first.
-You and the cargo officer must be wearing masks.
- If the cargo officer has not put on his mask, warn him immediately and have him wear it.
- If possible, sign the delivery note with your own pen.
- When receiving your cargo, put on gloves and, if possible, open the cargo bag or box in front of your door or on your balcony, put it in a garbage bag and throw it away.
- If your product is a washable product, wash it immediately before use. If it is a product that you can simply wipe, clean it well with a clean cloth or wet wipe and start using it.
It is essential for us that the products we pay for and buy are complete and intact. The responsibility of this belongs to the cargo companies until it is delivered to you. We recommend that you do not receive your incoming cargo without checking it.


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