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Korean Makeup

If you're a makeup junkie, you're probably right now "Korean makeup, of course!" you will be thinking.

From its super cute packaging to its multitasking benefits, many people are in love with Korean beauty.
While there are Korean makeup trends that you can look forward to and follow, this Korean makeup tutorial for beginners we have put together for you is suitable for makeup beginners. You will be able to learn the basic trends of Korean makeup and how to do it without the need for professional techniques.

What is Korean makeup like?

To understand what “Korean makeup” is, simply observe pictures of popular Korean female celebrities like Song Hye Kyo and f(x)'s Krystal. Did you notice anything in common?
What makes the “Korean look” so appealing to almost everyone in Asia is their flawless complexion, dewy skin and youthful vibe! They make sure their makeup looks natural too so they always look effortlessly gorgeous.
Now we will tell you how to make Korean makeup in order.

1. Prepare your skin by moisturizing

Koreans are most famous for their dewy, glowing skin. However, it is not completely created with illuminators and foundations that provide high coverage!
The key to getting 'glass skin' in Korean is to make sure your skin is hydrated. If your skin is dry, you may want to consider using an overnight mask that will provide you with the extra moisture you need.

2. Sunscreen

It is one of the most important steps for a makeup tutorial. Many Koreans attach great importance to protecting their skin from UV rays. This is why you will find many brands selling sunscreen for the face. Even famous Korean makeup artists like Pony and Risabae have often mentioned the importance of using sunscreen, and their makeup tutorials will always include a step towards sun care.
There are many reasons for skipping this step in your routine: Some think it's unnecessary because many foundations and BB creams these days come with SPF, while others don't like the sticky feeling some sunscreen formulations leave behind.
Either way, we highly recommend applying sunscreen before you put on any makeup to really make sure you're fending off all those harmful UV rays that will cause your skin to age faster.

3. Concealer

Most of us don't have perfect skin, but that's okay because there's always a concealer to save your day.
To get a flawless complexion, you'll need something a little more intense for those stubborn blemishes that are still slightly visible even after using base makeup. It can also hide dark eye circles, acne scars and even redness on your skin.
If you want to make your cheekbones and nose more prominent, you can also use concealer as an illuminator. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter and apply as you would with an illuminator.
But remember that concealer isn't always necessary for a Korean makeup look. If you don't have major imperfections, apply a little more foundation to the targeted area instead of using concealer. That way, your makeup will be less likely to cake up.

4. Eye makeup

Eye makeup in Korea is also known as point makeup as they want the eyes to be the main "dot" on their face.
For eyeshadows, Koreans prefer to keep the colors on their eyelids to a minimum as they prefer a more natural look rather than too obvious stacking of makeup. Therefore, it is recommended to use neutral or light colors such as brown, pink or coral.
One tip for choosing the right eyeshadow is to explore and find colors that match your skin tone.
Because black eyeliner can look harsh and harsh, many Koreans choose to use brown eyeliner as it will give you a softer and more natural look. To get a puppy dog ​​look, align your eyes so that the outer end is not up (done in a cat's eye look), but out and down.
Eyelid tape is another tool you can rely on to make your peepers stand out. You can also look younger with an anti-aging eyelid patch, which is why it is so popular with beauty enthusiasts.
Many Asian women complain about having short, straight lashes, but that's what eyelash curlers and mascaras are for. Choose a water- and smudge-proof mascara to avoid looking like a panda towards the end of the day.
Use an lash primer or mascara fixer to keep your curled lashes in place all day.

5. Eyebrows

Did you know that eyebrows play a big role in shaping your face? Another element of the youthful, innocent Korean look is to have straight eyebrows with a slight curve at the end. If you look at the photos of Korean female celebrities, you will notice how they draw their eyebrows straight!
However, you'll find that fewer Korean female celebrities these days are seeing straight eyebrows, opting instead for a more natural arch that frames their face.
Whichever you prefer, you should not forget that the shape of eyebrows looks different on everyone. You can check out our article about different types of eyebrows and how to draw your eyebrows easily here.
If you are sure that the Korean straight brow is for you, you can take those messy hairs and try to shape them slowly. But if you doubt your own skills, you can always entrust your eyebrows to the beauticians in the eyebrow salons and let them know the shape you want to have.
The next step is to fill in your eyebrows. Start with light strokes at the beginning of your eyebrows and gradually work all the way to the end, thinning to a point. You can choose to work with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder, whichever you are more comfortable with.

6. Blush

Now that we've finished your base makeup, we need to add a healthy glow to the face. For this, you can use powder, cream or liquid blush according to your preference! For starters, we recommend using powder blush as it is usually easier to blend.

Don't be afraid to use more colors. Even though Koreans advocate natural makeup, they love more color payoff with their blush to get a healthy, radiant glow!

7. Lips

The gradient lip makeup trend has taken over the world but it actually came from Korea. It makes your lips look fuller and also makes them look seductively bitten. The basic principle behind the gradient lip is to use a darker shade on the inner lips and then blend outward with a lip brush or cotton swab to create the gradient effect.
Gradient lips have become so popular that many Korean makeup brands (even non-Korean brands) have produced two-tone lipsticks that claim to help you achieve the gradient look with a single swipe and without blending.
For a step-by-step tutorial on how to get gradient lips, you can read our article here.
Before you start making your gradient lips, lightly apply concealer over your lips. This will make the color and gradient appear more pronounced than the contrast! You can also choose to complement your gradient lips with a sheer lip gloss to give your lips a juicy, juicy look.


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