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How to get rid of moles

8 natural home remedies to eliminate moles on your body

Moles are quite common, they occur when cells in the skin grow in a clump. They can also change color after sun exposure or after pregnancy. While most moles are not dangerous, they can bother you in appearance. If you want to get rid of moles on your skin, you can consult a specialist and have an operation. Otherwise, you can also opt for some home remedies to remove moles on your body. Here are some simple but effective home remedies that will reduce the size, color and appearance of your moles and help you get rid of unwanted moles on your body.

1. Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a miracle you will find in your kitchen cupboard. Apple cider vinegar is great for weight loss, but did you know that it is one of the most common products used for mole removal? Acids such as malic acid and tartaric acid in apple cider vinegar will work together to dissolve moles on your skin and completely remove them from the surface. All you have to do is take a cotton ball and apply some apple cider vinegar to your mole area.

2. Use crushed garlic

It is said that garlic can also be useful in eliminating moles. To remove moles on your body, crush fresh garlic into a paste. Apply this fresh garlic paste directly to the mole. But avoid the area around the mole, otherwise your skin will be irritated. Cover the garlic-applied area with a bandage for a few hours (it can stay overnight if you don't mind the smell). The garlic enzymes will break up the cell clumps and help them spread evenly.

3. Use castor oil and baking soda

Castor oil and baking soda can work well on moles when used together. Take one tablespoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of castor oil and mix them well to form a paste. Apply this paste directly to the mole and leave it for a few hours. You can also leave it overnight before washing it off.

4. Use honey and linseed oil

Honey is known for its antibacterial and healing properties. I use some honey and flaxseed oil for removal treatment. Mix some honey and flaxseed oil and apply on the mole. With this paste, you can get rid of all your moles and warts.

5. Use sour apple juice

Sour apple juice also works well for mole removal treatment. All you have to do is squeeze the juice of the cooked sour apples and apply it directly to your moles. You will find that apple cider vinegar works well to dissolve your moles. However, this method will take longer to show results. You will only be able to notice the changes after three weeks.

6. Use pineapple and sea salt

Mix half a cup of fresh pineapple with a quarter cup of coarse sea salt. After mixing, you will get a peel-like consistency. Apply the pineapple and sea salt scrub to the area. It will help to remove the top layer of skin from me.

7. Use onion juice

Using onion juice can also help get rid of moles. Peel the onion, cut it into small cubes, and then extract the juice. Now apply this freshly squeezed onion juice directly on the mole with the help of a cotton ball. Do this at regular intervals. You will get rid of moles on your body in a short time.

8. Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, but did you know that it also works as a mole remover! Yes, tea tree oil can even get rid of malignant moles and those embedded in your skin. Applying undiluted tea tree oil twice a day will help you get rid of unwanted moles. Depending on the size of the mole on your skin, it may take several weeks for the tea tree oil to completely get rid of it.

You should remember that you have to be very careful when using these home remedies, because all the ingredients used in mole removal treatments are acidic, so it can burn your skin. Also, if you have sensitive skin, make sure that you do not allow the ingredients to come into contact with your skin for a long time, otherwise your skin will become irritated.


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