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About Us

Nature. Health. Beauty.

The Shakira Brand is much more than a natural logo - our leaf signifies all life and our ladybug signifies our luck in life. Our products, produced with carefully selected natural and medicinal herbs and beneficial ingredients, have gained your trust and appreciation. We respect our inner beauty as well as our external beauty. We are obsessed with quality and have been carefully manufacturing in the same facility for over 20 years using methods that are still largely manual. We act with the awareness of respecting only themselves, civil society and the natural environment in the company established and worked by those who prefer a natural and healthy life.

Pure and Clean Nature

Discover our all-natural skin and botanical care products for a completely natural body.
Our Skin Care and Beauty products are certified under the Hare label.

Skin Care Concept
For your inner and outer beauty. Skin Care helps people to keep themselves and their skin healthy and beautiful. Individual formulations based on nourishing herbs provide effective stimulation for all skin conditions while cleansing, toning, moisturizing every day, even when applying make-up.

Nutritious Plants
Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Our Hare and Shakira Branded skin care products rely on the invigorating power of nature. Each plant makes our cosmetic formulations even more effective with its unique properties. In addition, they are made with intensive studies in the natural Naturelim laboratory with all the expertise and accuracy of a pharmaceutical manufacturer.


Our origin
Natural skin care has been a trend for us since 2001.

When we started our own cosmetic revolution in Ankara in 2001, with a love for natural life and milk, we had a clear goal: From Chemical to Nature. Today, more and more people understand the importance of ecological and natural, including cosmetics, and consult us.


Good for your skin, good for your world.

We care about all the people we meet around the world. Thanks to our loyal customers, we do not need expensive advertising campaigns. With various program programs, we improve the conditions of our farmers and villagers who provide us with raw materials, and we share our works with those who want to spread our products to more people with our Partnership programs.

Responsibility is in our nature.

Moving most of our raw materials - either directly on their fields or with our partners around the world. It is not only our past but also our children that leave us the task of protecting the environment.

The natural science of skin care. has a long tradition of innovation that emerged with the development of our unique natural and carefully followed boutique production history. Today, we are completing centuries of knowledge with the latest technology. Our laboratories continue intensive research on active ingredients for use later on to develop new and effective formulations. We carefully select our raw materials for you and mix them in such a way as to maximize their active concentration. We can find everything we need in nature. Discover both health and natural beauty with Shakira.



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